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Lab Grown Diamonds ...
The choice of the responsible!

How it all started

The jewelry industry has gone through a lot of transitions over the past few years.  Based in the heart of jewelry district in Manhattan, New York, MADE FOR US was born when, one day a team of jewelry experts in their fields, got together and were brainstorming on how to bring the best values to the customers. All these ladies and gentlemen have decades of experience working with Diamonds, Gemstones and jewelry manufacturing, with more than a dozen patents under their belt.

They all specialize in their own fields and hence bring a pool of knowledge and experience which helps MADE FOR US to bring the best possible values to customers. Together, they  formed a 100% vertically integrated jewelry manufacturing company right from growing diamonds in laboratory, pre-forming, cutting and polishing to designing, making models and manufacturing jewelry. This control over the entire process helps  to make sure that customers get exactly what they want in a timely and efficient manner.

In 2015, along with a team of more than twenty professionals from all over the United states, MADE FOR US has established a diamond growing laboratory  and sales office in Wisconsin and New York., this diamond growing Laboratory is one of the most advanced, state of the art laboratory in the country.

Made For Us grows our diamonds from the finest quality diamond seeds and cut and polish them at their units around the world.


This complete in-house process allows Made For Us to ensure that the jewelry you receive is something that is of utmost quality, made with care and a value that you will love and cherish for many years.



Samuel Jansen