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Lab Grown DIamonds

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Diamonds have an image of purity and light. They are given as a
pledge of love and worn as a symbol of commitment.
-— Peter Singer


Bridal collection

The new bridal collection has exquisite lab-grown diamonds crafted to a high quality and cut perfectly. From engagement rings to wedding bands, the collection has traditional and avant-garde styles at an affordable price. Upgrade your collection with this stunning range.


Crafted with passion, cherished for eternity

  • $4,030.00

    Capture your lasting love with this alluring 14k white gold engagement vintage inspired ring. Dazzling diamond halos surround your glamorous cushion cut center stone, creating potent sparkle and a romantic art deco vibe. Engraved beautifully by small sparkling round shaped stones in a classic channel setting. Further beautifying the ring are alluring filigree designs under the halo which are embedded with tiny glistening round cut stones marvelously accentuating your beauty and grace.

  • $337.50

    0.25Ct Petite halo Emerald cut ring with Round side stones Lab Grown Diamond in 14K gold. (0.25Ct GH – VS-SI) Made in USA

    Rings are cast in 14K Gold, featuring a Emerald cut lab grown diamond with total weight of 0.25carats. The diamonds are placed in a prong setting with a basket style base structure. The Round shaped side stones are lab grown diamonds are fastened by tight-griped. The diamonds in the ring rank G-I / VS-SI in color and clarity.

  • $830.00

    This classic diamond engagement ring brings sleek elegance and sophisticated appeal. Featuring a glittering row of round brilliant cut diamonds. Crafted in 14k White Gold, this lab grown diamond engagement ring is enhanced with GH Color and VS-S1 Clarity for extra sparkle.

  • $870.00

    This diamond ring is a true example of simplicity and timeless. A stylish diamond wedding band, this is quick to catch the eye. It features a glittering row of round cut diamonds, finished with milgrain. A milgrain border on the parallel edges, gives the diamond layout a highlighted finish. Crafted in 14k White Gold, this lab grown diamond engagement ring is enhanced with GH Color and VS-S1 Clarity for extra sparkle.

  • $562.50

    0.50 Ct Oval Shaped Halo Lab-Grown Diamond Ring Set in 14K White Gold (G-H, VS-SI, 0.50 Cttw)

    Made in USA

    This Halo ring features one Oval shaped lab grown diamond and ten round lab grown diamonds mounted in a shared prong and bezel setting. These eleven stones offer a total weight of 1.00 Cttw and handcrafted in solid 14k white gold. Enhance with quality of G-H color and VS-SI clarity. Nicely packaged in a custom Made gift box with a polishing cloth.

Need a gift with personal touch?


  • $412.50

    0.50 Cts Round Shape Lab-Grown Diamond Earring Studs in 14K Gold

    Earrings are cast in 14K Gold, featuring a round shaped lab
    grown diamond total weight of 0.50 carats. The diamonds are placed in a prong
    setting with a basket style base structure. Studs are fastened by tight-griped
    push backs. The diamonds in the pair rank E-F / VS-SI in color and clarity.
    About Lab Grown Diamonds : Lab Grown diamonds are 100% carbon
    and have the EXACT SAME chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds. Lab
    grown diamonds are a cost effective substitute to mined diamonds.

    Made FOR US : Based in the heart of jewelry district in NEW
    YORK, we specialize in Lab Grown diamond jewelry. With many decades of combined
    experience, we create all our designs in house and every item created is
    inspected by expert professional jewelers to make sure that it meets our strict
    quality standards. We stay true to our roots by designing our jewelry, selecting
    our DIAMONDS, and hand crafting each Product right here in New York- where it
    all began.<Our Promise : We STAND BY our merchandise and take pride in
    our manufacturing. If you are unhappy for any reason with our lab grown diamond
    jewelry, we will always be there with you to make sure you get what you want.

  • Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this ring is designed to stand out and make a statement. The oval-shaped diamond is expertly cut to enhance its natural brilliance and fire, while the bezel setting ensures the diamond is securely held in place while adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. The unusual curve of the band adds a modern and contemporary twist to the classic diamond ring, creating a piece that is both beautiful and unique. The asymmetrical curve of the band is expertly crafted to provide a comfortable fit while enhancing the overall design.

  • Fashioned in 14 karat white gold, this lab grown engagement ring holds exquisite 1.00 carat opposing pear shape in the centre to show off the perfect cut. The center piece is showcased to reveal its beauty with an extra touch of glam through its band. Followed by cathedral setting, this ring features diamonds line going halfway on the shank. This luxurious piece of art radiates sparkle and flare in every direction.

  • $2,190.00

    An elegant reinterpretation of a classic, this U-shaped prong set eternity band features a bright row of sparkling 8 oval diamonds. The orientation of the beautiful stones brings an intriguing shape and a wider profile to this lovely piece. The sparkling lab grown diamonds and luxurous touch of 14 karat gold make it perfect for every occasion.

  • $1,042.50

    1.00Ct Round Band Ring Lab Grown Diamond in 14K gold. (1.00Ct FG – VS-SI) Made in USA This ring is cast in 14K Gold, featuring a round band lab grown diamond total weight of 1.00 carats. The diamond is placed in a prong setting with a basket style base structure. The diamonds in the ring rank G-H / VS-SI in color and clarity.


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  • $570.00

    An absolutely show-stopping design, this elegant ring features 10 round lab-grown diamonds, bar set in an alternating eye and dot pattern halfway around the band. Each eye has two diamonds, while each dot has one diamond, creating a unique and eye-catching design in 14 karat gold band. The bar setting is a sleek and modern way to hold the diamonds in place, ensuring that they are secure and protected. The alternating eye and dot pattern creates a subtle yet distinct contrast, adding texture and depth to the design. Overall, this ring is a stunning piece of jewelry that is perfect for anyone who loves diamonds and wants a unique and vintage design.

  • $600.00

    The stunning, asymmetrical cluster ring, featuring mixed sizes of round lab grown diamond side stones like clusters of grapes. The blue stone steal all the attention and manages to be classic but different at the same time. Uniquely designed gold prongs, make this ring really stand out. It offers tons of sparkle.

  • $900.00

    This georgeous engagement shiny diamond band is elegant, simple and very feminine. The alternating pattern catches the light to set off the beauty of its small diamonds. Crafted in 14k White Gold, this lab grown diamond engagement ring is enhanced with GH Color and VS-S1 Clarity for extra sparkle.

  • $520.00

    Set in 14k gold, This lab grown engagement ring carries the enchantment of vintage jazz and glitz. The bar setting is a sleek and modern way to hold the diamonds in place, and the alternating eye and dot pattern creates a unique and eye-catching design. The diamonds are set close together, creating a seamless and continuous sparkle around the band. The diamonds are carefully selected for their exceptional quality, with exceptional fire and clarity.

  • $530.00

    Elegance and sophistication can be yours with this stunning piece of jewelry featuring six round lab-grown diamonds that are prong-set. The diamonds are arranged in a specific pattern, with four diamonds spaced out along the band, and two diamonds set closely together. The band itself is a plain band, meaning it does not feature any additional embellishments or designs. The diamonds are the focal point of this piece and are set to maximize their brilliance and sparkle.


How is it grown?

Watch the process  …………

Made For Us offers high-quality diamonds that are carefully grown, cut, and polished at our global production facilities. From start to finish, we oversee every step of the process to ensure exceptional jewelry that you’ll cherish for years to come. Our commitment to quality is unmatched, and we believe every piece of jewelry is an expression of art that exudes our passion for excellence. Choose Made For Us for diamonds that exceed your expectations. 

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Initially I was a bit skeptical about Lab grown diamonds, Made for us was so helpful and guided me to get the perfect necklace for my mom. Thank you.
Hayden Taylor
I wanted to have a big ring but was not able to get in mined diamonds, I got the pear shaped center with diamonds on the side. It is just beautiful and in my budget. Thank you Made for us for making my dream come true!
Janice Ramero
We are retired and travel a lot. My wife was always worried that she will misplace her expensive engagement ring, Made for us made the perfect replica of the ring with Lab grown diamonds and now she is so happy as it is affordable and in fact the quality of the diamonds look much better than the original for a fraction of the price. Love it!
Mark Sampson
Lab grown diamonds are the way to go according to me. I was so delighted to get the 2 Ct stud earrings. These are perfect for everyday wear, and they are great quality. I cannot be more happy, I will definitely get 3 Ct soon. They are way less than mined diamonds and also we can help climate change with Lab grown diamonds.
Sofia Martinez